Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs Catered to Your Needs.

Achieving optimum health looks a little different for everyone. Custom and specialty programs are available to address your employees’ specific needs. We will meet with each person one-on-one to evaluate lifestyle, discuss specific health concerns, create an individual program, and assist them in making sustainable behavior changes.

From weight management solutions to high-performance coaching, Thrivful is here to help your employees reach their most critical goals.

Stress Management
Mind and body are interconnected. We believe that taking care of our mental health is equally as important as our physical health. Thrivful’s stress management programs are catered to individual needs and cut across each of our 5 Pillars. Coaches will help your employees reduce stress by making changes to mindset, nutrition, wellness and exercise programs, and work-life balance.
Diversity and Inclusion
Fitness is for everyone. You don’t need to look a certain way to have a ‘fit’ body or engage in physical activity. Fitness isn’t for a particular size, gender, shape, age, ethnicity, or ability level. At Thrivful, we believe that every ‘body’ is worthy and deserves to feel welcome. Our coaches are trained to address differences as unique opportunities to make everyone feel valued. All of our fitness and movement solutions address diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Weight Management
We work individually with clients to design easy-to-follow programs with achievable goals. We will meet one-on-one with each person to discuss their current lifestyle habits and work with them to improve daily nutrition, exercise, and everything in between. Our goal is to show your employees the way and then motivate them to become advocates for their own health.
Bespoke Programs and Individual Coaching
Thrivful is available for bespoke program development and performance coaching, based on your team’s needs. Coaches will help individuals make positive behavior changes and engage in healthy lifestyle habits for the long-term.

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