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Maximize your Potential.

Thrivful is committed to you and your employees.
The potential of a company depends strongly on having a team of fully engaged, motivated employees that drive your business forward. The programs offered through Thrivful will not only engage, but excite your team and help them manage stress more effectively. Once they get going, they will stay energized, productive, and thriving all day long!

The Thrivful Difference

WHOLE-istic Approach.

Thrivful offers a range of programs that treat the WHOLE person. Thrivful provides exercise, mindset, nutrition, and education courses. We also provide social and team-bonding activities that, while often overlooked, are essential to creating a sense of belonging and happiness… especially for remote employees.

Remote, Onsite, and Hybrid Solutions.

Thrivful offers classes both onsite and online, creating a seamless solution for all of your workforce needs.

Flexible Programs.

Choose what you need, when you need it. Thrivful will work with you to develop a program that addresses your goals while fitting your budget. We offer flexible schedules, in-person training and coaching sessions, and consultation services if you’d prefer to create your own corporate wellness program in-house.

Safety First.

Safety is our number one priority! We value the health and wellbeing of every member. You only have one body, so all exercises should be executed with correct form to prevent injury. We pride ourselves on creating exercise prescriptions and class formats that ensure the safest possible result while getting the job done!

Meet our Founder

Melissa Renner

Melissa Renner, founder of Thrivful, has been working in the fitness industry for over two decades in both Europe and the United States. She earned an undergraduate degree in fitness management and exercise science and completed her masters in International Public Health from the University of Liverpool.

Melissa has studied an array of fitness methods in Zurich, Switzerland and Essen, Germany. She was the T-BOW® Master Trainer for the United States and designed T-BOW® exercise programs for HopSports; the latter which was mentioned during one of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign speeches and part of the NFL Play60. Melissa has been a presenter at national fitness conventions and has had several published articles in fitness magazines, such as LiveStrong.

Melissa is the creator of custom programs TAP TIME™ and SEATED RHYTHM™ and has 4 patents pending in the field of adapted fitness/dance. She was recently featured in Brain & Life magazine.

Thrivful’s unique programs are designed to simultaneously exercise both brain and body, no matter what your level and capability may be.

Active For Life

Melissa’s first company and personal passion, Active For Life, provides fitness and wellness programs for aging adults, special populations, and those living with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Classes are offered in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Short and Long Term Care Facilities.

Some of the most popular classes incorporate elements of music and dance therapy into adapted exercises so EVERYONE can participate and have fun, all while achieving physical and cognitive wellness. Learn more about Active For Life…

Diversity and Inclusion

Many of the teaching methodologies mentioned above from Active For Life can be found in Thrivful’s approach to corporate fitness and wellness.

With Active For Life as a foundation, Thrivful is uniquely qualified to create customized fitness and movement solutions that effectively address diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Fitness and wellness are for everyone.

Fitness Center Design and Management

While Thrivful is primarily known for corporate fitness and wellness programs, we also offer design and management services for your onsite facility.

Whether you need a site manager or a staff member for the front desk, Thrivful will take the reins and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Facility design: We can help you create a welcoming facility that effectively uses your space while enabling a well-rounded exercise program with high-quality equipment.

Facility management: We can provide front desk staffing, full-time operational management, facility orientation for new users, equipment maintenance, facility and equipment cleaning, compliance with covid-regulations, and more.

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